putting the free back into freelance

Freelancers must learn quickly to define time off or else they will burnout. Everything is work or nothing is work. We will be trapped by work rather than liberated for work.

As a freelance I am always trying to create the kind of work that will maintain my passion under pressure. When time, money and life constrain the creative instinct. The experience is restorative and pushes me forward.

I experienced the restoration this weekend on a wind-blasted frozen expanse. The conditions in the highlands are remarkable for skiing this year so me, my wife, my best man and his family ventured onto Cairngorm mountain. At the top, I wrestled against gales to take a light meter reading, adjusting the focus with my gloves and took a few clunking exposures on my hassleblad. I felt alive, like I was made to do this. I returned home ready for the week with another picture in the bag for one of my current Scotland stories. I felt I had put the freedom back into freelance.  

Free doesn't refer to fees, as some cheeky people think. So what does it mean? Free allows us to make the kind of work that keeps us passionate in busy times when deadlines all collide and we can't board the private jet for Mauritius. Work that makes us feel alive. Work that can be both restful and useful. And usually work we care about.

Free also can involve asking your wife to carry the camera bag because you are a novice skier and keep falling.  Thanks love!

The shot above was taken on my phone.

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